Your hands-on experience starts with 90 day program that goes well beyond what you've already learned during real estate school. The learning experience is comprised of a comprehensive and cooperative effort between the agents' branch office and our training and support center that covers the keystones of any successful real estate career. New agents attend three training sessions per week at their branch office, where your Broker in Charge offers small group skill development sessions, coaching and accountability meetings, and sales meetings.

Image of Carolina One Real Estate training The training experience carries over to our thirteen thousand square foot state-of-the-art facility located just off I-526 at Leeds Avenue.  This training facility is where our Director of Agent Development, John Brewer, teaches the practical skillsets requried of the business:  how to assemble a listing consultation and a buyer consultation, how to price a home, write a contract, conduct an open house, etc.  Also offered are additional classes on business planning, internet lead management, working with investors, ways to enhance your online presence, etc.

Image of real estate computer experience training Free Marketing, IT, and computer classes are also offered at the center.  You'll have access to the Internet as well as our Intranet, which is configured to help you with home searches, tax maps, seller's and buyer's estimated costs, and a host of other online services that help make you more efficient and more effective.

Most importantly agents are taught how to build and grow a long-term, sustainable real estate career based on the concept of relationship selling.

At Carolina One Real Estate, we subscribe to a real estate sales system called the Ninja Installation which is based on a philosphy of building relationships, listening to the customer's needs, and helping them achieve their goals.  It is less about selling and more about creating value that attracts customers.  Ninja Selling has found that people prefer to buy from someone they know, like, and trust, and are in "flow" with.  As a result, you business strategy is primarily focused on the people who know you rather than strangers.

The mission of Ninja Selling is threefold:

  1. Increase you income per house
  2. Increase your customer satisfaction
  3. Improve the quality of your life